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The mission of girlE, LLC is to inspire and assist inner-city girls to become successful and productive women through positive, one-on-one and group mentorship workshops and activities.



o   Increase girls’ self esteem and self awareness

o   Improve girls’ perspective on education

o   Help girls develop a sense of social responsibility

o   Help girls develop and define their short-term and long-term goals

o   Provide them with positive role modes and support

o   Help them become self-sufficient, successful and motivated women


What we offer:

o   One-on-one and group Female Mentorship

o   Team Building Activities

o   Community Service Projects

o   Career Exploration/Resume writing

o   College Preparation

o   Conflict Resolution/Anger management

o   Esteem Development

o   Financial Literacy

o   Goal Achievement Strategies

o   Positive Health/Nutrition


Who we service:

We service up to thirty (30) 9th grade girls from the Metro-Detroit area per school location, per year.


 Female Mentors/Volunteers:

Mentor Participants are selected from Michigan Colleges and Universities as current students and/or graduates.


Duration of Program:

One day per week for one academic year; September – May.


First program is scheduled to begin Fall 2009!


















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